August 13, 2020

Greetings to all our dedicated officers and valued members:

As your new PNA Maryland president, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge you and thank you all for your commitment to Nursing and to PNAMC. I am deeply honored and grateful for your continuous support to our organization. This pandemic has made us resilient in many ways and has brought us much closer to our peers,  friends, and family. We hope to be a part of your family as well for we do care about you, your family,  your profession, and aspirations.


We appreciate you and welcome you for your presence and active participation in our many activities. Without you, this organization will not be meaningful! We are here to serve you through our constant professionalism(P), consistent networking(N),  acts (A)of knowledge through our educational seminars,  meticulous mentoring(M) and service to our community (C) through local and international outreach.

As we face these difficult times, let us not forget our virtues of faith, hope, and charity including God’s

guidance to keep us safe in our everyday practice!


Take care and yours truly,

Aleli R. Frias, BSN, RN          

President, PNA Maryland 2020-2022