It is a professional organization that will uphold the positive image and foster the welfare  of Philippine descent nurses and  its members while promoting professional excellence, innovative leadership and contribution to significant outcomes to Maryland’s healthcare and society. 


President's Message

January 21, 2021

Greetings to all our members and supporters:

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a Happy and Safe New Year! The year 2020 is gone. It was indeed a very challenging one. Now, we have to face a new year, still full of doubts.

However, we must stay positive in our outlook as we take our vaccines to overcome this pandemic.

I hope we get them soon.

As far as our PNA Maryland is concerned, we have accomplished a lot during our first six months. We are proud to say that we are meeting most of our goals that we have established in August, 2020. Our goal of at least 10-15% increase in membership engagement has been met at 23.5%, that is from 77 to 95 members. Strategies on increasing renewal of membership pose a challenge but we continue to monitor while we gain more participation from at least 3-5 area hospitals especially from Franklin Square Hospital and the VA Hospital. The goal on fostering quality education and professional advancement to our members has been reached through a Leadership Retreat in August, 2020 and a Webinar on Nursing Resilience in November. Expanding opportunities of community outreach locally has been met in August during the Blood Pressure Checkpoint at the 5K walk and the Breast Cancer Awareness Drive at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Fullerton in October. Internationally, we have an ongoing project in Talandang, Davao City related to Diabetes Mellitus to Healthy Living (DM2HL). This is teaching a group of 20 indigenous adults from a farming area on how to live well with diabetes by making lifestyle changes related to daily physical activities and diet. Another global endeavor to come will be our 2022 Medical Outreach in Sorsogon, Philippines. Maintaining transparency of all financial operations is ongoing as we raised funds through several activities such as 5K walks, heal our nurses’ campaign, and virtual caroling.

My heartfelt appreciation to all our officers, committee chairs and co-chairs, our members and donors. Thank you for your support and commitment to PNA Maryland. We must look forward to a new year of hope, determination, and zeal of resilience. Be inspired to “Let’s Act” through achievement, cohesiveness, and tenacity!

Aleli R. Frias, BSN, RN

PNAMC President


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